Thursday, December 30, 2010

A place for my head

When the moonlight doth cut through the mist like a knife through butter,
It guides me to the place where I may rest and dream of butterfly wings a flutter.
Under my blanket I'm safe from the slowly creeping cold,
Alone in my bed i wait for age to catch up and slowly grow old.
I know not what lady luck has in store for me at the end of this journey,
All I know is that it won't be more than a flicker in my fleeting memory.
But one thing for sure to this quest i am bound, 
No turning back until the springs in my clock are unwound. 

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dream Time Express

As the sun rises upon the plain, 
I appear from the darkness atop a train.
As though running for its life it blasts,
leaving behind a continent lost in the past.
As i get ever closer to my destination,
I become more unsure of the situation. 
Lost in a dream world of pretty colors, 
Chugging through an endless field of pretty flowers.
What am I doing here in this world oh so perfect,
A fused transistor in lifes' complex circuit.
I'm unsure if i want to wake to reality,
Because i'm afraid ill find i'm just a man fighting insanity.